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Contemporary Modular Systems

Most of modular systems can be done in four different wood veneer finishes: Walnut, Oak, Light Cherry and Dark Cherry. All bedroom sets are priced as sets but can be purchased in any combination.

All merchandise marked "ELITE STYLE" is available at wholesale prices for dealers only (subject for approval). There is no minimum quantity requirements or maximum quantity limitations.

Please call 888-614-5081 or email us for details.

Modular Systems 1
Modular Systems 2

Modular Systems 7600-TE
Simple and classic, valuable and convenient to use 7600-TE set attracts teens and kids for its contemporary look. Light in color and weight desk, bed, wardrobe and opened shelves of this modern modular system is displayed in our showroom in Boston, MA. We sell separate items to satisfy your demands.
Modular Systems ARAMIS
Classic design of the Aramis system in dark cherry will create a very chic living room and emphasize it coziness and comfort. Just relax in a soft chair, take a book from spacey book cabinets or shelves and enjoy your leisure time. Visit our store in Boston area to check out this contemporary system.
Modular Systems ARACIA
This dark cherry contemporary modular system Aracia is a very useful piece and a good addition for your family room. Buy this stylish and simple set of furniture to be used not just to fit your TV set, but also for your favorite books and decoration in the contemporary furniture store in Lynn, MA.
Modular Systems BRW
Oak modern modular system BRW combines small China cabinet; TV set stand, opened book shelves and cabinets with doors. This modular system available now in Lynn, MA located in a short distance from Boston will make your family room cozy and very lovely and comfortable for your free time.
Modular Systems COLIAS
Perfectly designed Colias set available in light cherry and will create a spacey look of your room. Opened and closed shelves may be used as storage for books, dishes, crystals, decorations. Light color of this contemporary modular system is now in Boston, MA store makes room brighter.
Modular Systems DINING
Modern combination for you home office available in Boston, MA will satisfy school kids, people who work from home and anybody who needs space for books, folders and supplies. Stop by our contemporary furniture store and check this modular system by yourself -you will love it.
Modular Systems KENT
Classic design of system Kent now in stock in Lynn, MA will create a warm look and a very cozy aura in your family or tea room. Combination of natural wooden and glass shelves and cabinets should satisfy classical style lovers. This modern set can be positioned in a numbers of ways.
Modular Systems LIVING
Now available in our contemporary furniture store in Lynn, MA this modular system would be a good space saver and a perfect solution for your living room. This combination of glass and opened shelves, space for TV and DVD, and decoration items will look perfect in every home.

Modular Systems 1
Modular Systems 2

Many models are available in diffirent types and colors of wood veneer, leather and fabric. Some of the merchandise can be custom-sized according to your measurements. Please contact us at for more information.
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Quality bedroom furniture sets and contemporary bedroom furniture
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