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Contemporary, Modern and European furniture in Boston, MA
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Contemporary Wall Units and Displays Furniture

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Wall Unit and Display TM800-3
Hall Unit
L393.7" W122" H629.9"

TM800-3 is for sale and available in our well known contemporary store, located in Boston, MA area. The pieces are hand crafted using the finest materials for the most demanding clientele. Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary piece, our collection will be the best choice for you.

Wall Unit and Display TM800-5
Hall Unit
L196.8" W147.6" H787.4"

This hallway piece of contemporary furniture represents a part of our store's collection in Lynn, MA. Nicely designed it will serve us storage for your heads, keys and any other small items we need. Come in over and check it yourself. This piece is waiting for you!

Wall Unit and Display C001
Hall Unit
C001 piece can be found in Boston area's furniture store. Imagine owning this unit specifically designed for your hallway? Convenience and function all in one will satisfy your needs and contemporary taste. Visit our store today and check yourself our great selection.

Wall Unit and Display BX-391
L31" W18" H77"

BX-391 is a part of our furniture store's collection located in Boston, MA. This durable unit provides versatility to display your lovely items of china, vases, pictures, etc. Easy and quickly to assemble and nice look on this contemporary unit make it very popular among our customers.

Wall Unit and Display BX393, BX395
Bar units (corner bar & round server)
BX393 corner bar L28" W28" H80"
BX395 round server L31" W15" H36"

This furniture belongs to our Lynn, MA collection. These units put the focus on your product. Bar units are some of the most valuable merchandising spaces, please use it efficiently, it is very important for your business.

Wall Unit and Display DM3008
Bar curio
Boston area collection also contains DM3008. You can design the perfect system for your retail location using our collection, which will help you to use free space of your home rationally.

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Many models are available in diffirent types and colors of wood veneer, leather and fabric. Some of the merchandise can be custom-sized according to your measurements. Please contact us at for more information.
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