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Contemporary Wall Units and Displays Furniture

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Wall Unit and Display A2-046 Wenge
Holds 42" TV
L25" W111" H84"
This beautiful item belongs to our Boston, MA collection. This unit will accommodate even the biggest inventories and come in sizes to suit any space. Your living room will be cozy with this piece.

Wall Unit and Display A2-052 Wenge
Holds 50" TV
L20" W106" H83"

A2-052 is a part of our Lynn, MA collection. Its welded steel base is weighted to provide stable footing, moreover, it is made of contemporary materials, that's why you can place a variety of heavy items there and don't be afraid that it will be damaged.

Wall Unit and Display A2-098
L24" W110" H83"
A2-098 wall unit from our Boston area collection will add comfort and style to any room of your home. Our wall units of different colors will give your home a unique look, be sure, that you will have a lot of guests.

Wall Unit and Display 260
L20" W87" H85"
This item is available in our Boston, MA collection. The wall unit will perfectly complete your living room, it doesn't need a lot of your free space, but you can put some items there, including TV set and books.

Wall Unit and Display Amata
L24.5" W118.5" H77"
Amata belongs to Lynn, MA furniture collection. It is designed to house both a stereo system (including speakers) and large TV. All of this enhances a room and adds permanent value to your home.

Wall Unit and Display T005
L59" W23" H24"
T005 unit is a part of Boston area collection. It looks fragile, but you can put a lot of heavy items on it. Contemporary style of this series will enhance the look of any home for years to come.

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Many models are available in diffirent types and colors of wood veneer, leather and fabric. Some of the merchandise can be custom-sized according to your measurements. Please contact us at for more information.
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